Riding Lessons

Whether you have never seen a horse in person or you have been riding for years, we can assist you in reaching your goals. We will take the time to match you with a horse or pony whose temperament meets your individual needs.

All riding lessons are private, meaning your child will be the only one riding during their secured time. This allows for personal one-on-one instructional time. Our riders spend their entire saddle time actively learning instead of passively watching their co-students go through the same exercises they just completed.

Sibling or friends coming at the same time would qualify for a rate discount. All riders must be present for every lesson to qualify for the discount.

Two-Hour Lessons – $75

  • These lessons include 30 minutes of grooming and tacking, 60 minutes of arena work, and 30 minutes of untacking and cleaning.

1.5 Hour Lessons – $50

  • These lessons include 30 minutes of grooming and tacking, 30 minutes of arena instruction, and 30 minutes of untacking and cleaning.
  • We offer a monthly package, of 4 lessons, when scheduled and paid for in advance. The hour and a half is $190 and the two hour lesson is $285.00.

Our riding time is double what is typically offered for this price. We believe that the extra time and individualized instruction allows our students to become riding proficient in a relaxed environment and gives our instructors time to guide them through any concerns that arise during the lesson without simply rushing to the next rider.

Just like any other activity, consistency is best. We recommend weekly lessons to help you or your child progress to be the best equestrian possible. However, we realize that sometimes scheduling conflicts or money concerns make that impractical. Here at Kandy’s Chance Ranch, we are willing to work with you to tailor a plan to meet your needs and budget. Because we offer extended, personalized instruction, we must ask that you pay in advance for your lesson and keep your assigned time unless other arrangements are pre-approved by your instructor.

*We want children and individuals of all ages to become comfortable with horses on every level; this means we do not isolate the rider to only riding. If someone is first able to comfortably groom and handle a horse while on the ground, they will be much more confident while in the saddle.