Spirit is our beginner pony. He is a good next step if a young rider is moving up from the miniature horses, but is also a great first teacher for bigger children and smaller adults.  Whether it is walking, trotting, cantering or a long trail ride, he is always up for some fun. He is such a comfortable horse to ride that his friends on the farm call him ‘the couch’. His coloring is called dun or grullo. Horses with this coloring have darker heads and legs and always have a stripe down the middle of their backs. In the right light, you can even see the zebra stripes on the back of his legs!

Spirit has been an instructor at Kandy’s Chance Ranch since 2003.
He is 13.1 hands tall and is a “grade” pony. That means he isn’t classified as a particular breed but we think he might be part Fjord pony because his gorgeous double mane looks similar to theirs.