Birthday Parties

We are currently not having birthday parties due to an increase in this area of COVID-19 cases. Please check back for information on when these will resume.

Onsite Birthday Parties

Standard 2 Hour Onsite Party

Kandy’s Chance Ranch offers pony parties starting at $250 for up to 12 riders on-site (there is a $15 surcharge per extra rider).

  • Two hours of party rental in a covered observation area.
  • 60 minutes of horseback riding during reserved party time.
  • Miniature horses to pet and groom.
  • A group picture opportunity with the birthday person on one of the horses.
  • A horse related craft.These parties have a guarantee of one pony for up to 12 children; if any extra children ride, an additional pony may be used.

Specialty Parties
*$250 for up to 6 riders. (a surcharge will apply for additional riders)
*Two hours of covered party rental in a covered observation area.
* 90 minutes of horse encounter activities during reserved party time.

Mini Lesson PartyHow to Train Your Dragon PartyJousting PartyEventing PartyPony Decorating

*This event is designed to be more instructional than our standard party and introduces basic riding and handling skills. This is the perfect party for an older child who wants to do more than be lead around on horseback. It is also a great introduction into the world of horsemanship since the participants engage in activities that help them bond with the horse that they will ride.

  • Attendees may participate in grooming and tacking up, as well as riding.
  • Party attendees will learn the proper usage and names for grooming tools and tack.
  • Instruction will be offered on proper saddling and bridling techniques.
  • Once in the arena, each rider will be treated to a mini-lesson in proper riding skills.
  • Participants are offered the chance to help un-tack their horses at the end of their ride experience.
Oreo flies through her paces during "dragon" training.

Oreo flies through her paces during “dragon” training.

  • This fantastical event will enchant any young Dragon Rider.
  • Attendees will learn about all the different saddles that our resident ‘dragons’ wear, and discuss the pros and cons of each type as it applies to different flight conditions, whether training a young, small dragon or riding a battle-hardened giant into war.
  • They will ride their very own dragon, being careful to sit behind his wings so they don’t disrupt “flight”.
  • The highlight of dragon training is… training a dragon! Each party-goer will be offered the chance to work with our head dragon trainer while she puts a winged beast through its paces with a lunge line and an instructional stick. They will learn how good teamwork can be achieved by time on the ground as their dragon follows their instructions to walk, trot, stop, and reverse.
Looks like this team got all four rings on the first pass!

Looks like this team got all four rings on the first pass!

Kandy and a jousting guest put Sassy through her paces.

Kandy and a jousting guest put Sassy through her paces.

  • If your partier is a knight in training, this is the event for them!
  • Instruction begins with some basic balance training because you can’t hold on to the saddle while you joust!
  • Each rider will then be given a padded lance and hand walked through our jousting course.
  • Just like at Competitive Ring Jousting events, we use target rings to hone our skills. As the horse and rider move down the course, the rings get smaller and smaller in size until the last one is just a little larger than the lance itself! The rider who makes it through with the most rings on their lance is the winner!
  • If you have a budding cowgirl or cowboy, this is the competitive party setting for them!
  • Choose between Barrel ‘Racing’ and Pole Bending.
  • Competitors are hand walked through the course. The walkers will discuss the patterns used, and how to keep a proper seat during the ride. Hold on tight! We will walk fast!
Jet makes an excellent canvas for our Equine Artwork party!

Jet makes an excellent canvas for our Equine Artwork party!

  • Does your partier like to braid hair? Have you ever found paint on the dog? Has the cat run by wearing a bandana? Then this is the event for your budding artist!
  • Our horses like being chosen as a living canvas. They get to stand quietly as they are painted, braided, and accessorized. We provide the supplies and ‘canvas’ and you provide the ideas. Picasso all the way, or painted native pony complete with feathers in their mane, they look good in it all!
  • A riding encounter pony will also be provided during the artistic process.

*A non-refundable $50.00 deposit is required upon the booking of any of the parties mentioned above*

Our horses and ponies are hand walked by our knowledgeable and courteous staff. We do not use the  “merry go round” circle walkers with our horses as we consider it much safer for the riders and horses to have an actual person guiding each guest’s experience.